Ashley Adams sucking my dick

I work as a tow trucker, and I usually trade in putting back the car for sexy favors from pleading ladies. Therefore, it was a big tits beauty. She went back up to her car with the excuse of getting her keys back, and she refused to get down.As hot as she was, she was getting kind of annoying. I decided to give her a lesson, and when she was shaking her tits at me, I could not resist. Her breath tickled my ear as she panted lightly “That gives me an idea” she purred into my ear, warm breath leaving me tingling. “I’m going to show you why you’ll put my car down.”

With that she pulled away from me and let thetop she was wearing uncover her massive tits and pulling her skirt up to flaunt a soft shaven pussy. Therefore she slipped back up onto the top, sitting on the car seat and making me pull my pants down..

As a result she let out a little moan and spread her legs, my eyes locked to her face. I pushed her down and she started to suck my dick like a hungry lioness.
“Oh God that’s hot” I murmured.

Finally she just moaned and buried her hand deeper into my dick. Her fingers curved up and started fucking her pussy. Her palm slapped against her mound as she pumped her fingers faster and faster matching the rising tempo of the shaking washer. Ashley breath rasped out in a series of gasps interspersed with panted obscenities. Anyway “Oh fuck!” She screamed “I’m gonna cum!

As she came down from the high her head flopped forward she focused on me and grinned. “Enjoy the show?” She gasped, and I turned her over. Now it was my time to take her for the ride of her life. Since I thrusted harded than ever while I will covere her mouth with my hand. It was easy to let go of a car when I got the money !
As a tow trucker after I came all over her pretty little pussy, I had to let her go. Because she got her dress, got in her car, and with a smile, still being a naughty little slut.

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