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While my husband had me on my knees, eating his dick, I found myself fantasizing again with another man fucking me in our bad tow truck while he watched.
– Would you like the dick of another man?
– Yes! – I followed along – I want amazing car sex followed by a hot squirting orgasm.
– Would you really like that, whore?
– Very Much – I answered.

– Tell me, what man do you want?
– Roberto, the gardener – I told him.
– How would you tell him as he is fucking you?
– Ahhhhh Roberto, my life, like, more, more, more, that’s how a real man fucks!
My husband was quick to cum and I realized his obsession with another man was real. I had to make it happen for him, and for our anniversary, we did. I told him it was a one-time thing, reality kings bad tow truck and his obsession n seemed to be healed.
What he doesn’t know is that Roberto comes to care for the garden twice a week.

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