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When Misty’s car broke down, I found her in the middle of the road. She looked so small and white when contrasted with my big black hands. I thought of helping her out, but with the suggestive clothes she was wearing… I thought of many other things too… She accepted my help and started making passes on me…  After a little while she stopped, and asked me to get into my truck, making sure I saw her pussy upskirt and she kept pulling her skirt far back on badtowtruck fuck, leaving more and more on display. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. Those firm curves called to me, luscious full and tan.

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I’m sure my side of the conversation was hardly riveting but I realised I wasn’t getting much back. She was sat there staring at me with a curious intensity. Then out of the blue she asked me “Do you have a girlfriend Shawn?”
And bad tow truck fuck episode show us something hot: I slipped out and crossed the car seat to stand in front of her, no longer trying to hide the growth of a bulge in my pants. A smile lit up her face again as she saw her effect on me. Without taking her hand off she guided me back onto a seat and stood between my legs. “Hmm, you are enjoying the view. But you’ve not seen anything yet.”

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She told me to relax and sit back. I just closed my eyes and before I knew, I was with my pants unzipped and the tip of my black dong in her mouth. God, it felt so good! She was giving me the time of my life… That little snow bunny was a black dick enthusiast, and I was the one to get her toda. Bad tow truck fuck – As she sucked my dick, a thought came to my mind “Does she even know that her car is beyond repair?” I just laughed and looked at her sucking deeper and smiling at me as my slimy dick made her the little slut and knew she really was over a black dick.

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